Vitamin D

The most well-known fact about vitamin D is that we can synthesize it from sunlight. It is critical for healthy skeletal development and bone mineralization. Vitamin D also plays a role in the absorption of phosphorus and calcium. Did you know that Vitamin D is also important for almost every metabolic function in the body? Many cells in the body have receptor sites that can be activated by vitamin D. Therefore, it is vital for immune health, blood pressure regulation, heart disease, cancer prevention and diabetes.

Food sources of vitamin D are minimal but foods such as egg yolks, fatty fish (salmon) and animal liver can be great sources! Dairy products and some cereals are fortified with vitamin D but it’s best to go with a natural source if possible.

At Door County Healing Center we always practice food first but there are times when supplementation may be necessary. To better absorb vitamin D, take the supplement with a source of fat since it is a fat-soluble vitamin. Another reason you may need to incorporate a vitamin D supplement is if you lack sufficient exposure to sunlight. For us in the Mid-West, this might be particularly true during the winter months. As we age, our bodies don’t synthesis or create vitamin D as efficiently therefore supplementation may be needed.

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