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Pediatric Care

Did you know chiropractic has been shown to be safe and effective for children of all ages? It’s true!

Dr. Kathleen Arnold is one of the only chiropractors in Door and Kewaunee County to be independently licensed by the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association) in the Webster’s Technique.  Beyond her doctorate in chiropractic, she has additional specialty board certifications in Pediatric Chiropractic, and in Nutrition.     Dr Kathleen Arnold serves patients of all ages, but is highly qualified for the unique needs of women, babies, and children!

At our office patients are as young as a few days old. There is no better way to help your child build a healthy start to life than with chiropractic.

Many individuals don’t consider chiropractic until later in life. Unfortunately, when patients present into our office with chronic pain and health symptoms it can take a while to correct the cause of their issues. Most adults have a long list of accidents, injuries, sicknesses and even disease. Many ailments can be attributed to the fact that people treat symptoms and fail to identify and correct the cause of their health problems.  With chiropractic we strive to find the root of the issue – regardless of age.

During early infancy and into childhood, children incur numerous situations in which their spine and nervous system can be dramatically affected. Traumatic birth, falls, and even antibiotic exposure can all effect how your child develops and grows. If issues are not addressed and corrected at an early age symptoms and sickness can manifest in many different ways.  Unaddressed spinal interference may present in some children like: chronic ear infections, allergies, joint pain, neurological delays, constipation, and colic. All of these issues have been shown to be significantly helped with gentle chiropractic adjustments.

We recommend having your child checked for spinal issues and nerve interference from birth. Then, as they progress in age, consistent maintenance adjustments can help keep your child healthy and well.

If you are searching for a more natural approach to health care or are having difficulties with unresolved health concerns in your child, we encourage you to let us be a part of the permanent solution.

Call our office today and learn how chiropractic can be an amazing part of your child’s health care today.

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