Door County Health and Wellness

Physician Guided Detoxification Program


This Program is best undertaken twice per year, in the spring and in the fall, unless the doctor deems it should be done at another time to treat a specific condition.

Our personalized detoxification program is designed to cleanse and heal your mind and body. Our providers will utilize a science based approach to help promote your body’s ability to metabolize and eliminate toxic buildup so you can achieve optimal health. Our safe and effective approach includes a nourishing diet, nutritional supplementation and for some, intermittent fasting.

Our skilled providers can help design a detoxification program that fits your needs and lifestyle. Most programs last about a month, with continued, in-office nutritional counseling recommended for optimal results. If you are interested to learn whether or not you qualify for our Fall detox program, please schedule an appointment with one of our doctors or registered dietitian to discover how we can help you live a life of pure health.

Signs you may need to detox:

● Difficulty losing weight
● Sleep issues and fatigue
● Gastrointestinal issues
● Chronic pain
● Brain fog and memory issues
● Hormonal imbalances
*Program Details:

You must be an established patient to be considered a candidate for our program. New patients will be eligible after an initial  new patient comprehensive exam with one of our doctors. All patients will meet with one of our health care providers to determine what type of protocol is safe, effective, and best for your health goals.  Patients receive an information packet and all the nutritional supplementation required for their detoxification. Participants will be offered additional resources and professional advice as an added benefit to achieving success. Upon completion of the program, patients will meet with a provider to gauge their health improvements, reassess goals, and receive additional recommendations. This meeting will address how we can help you continue to improve your health and support you for a lifetime of optimal wellness.

*This program is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or health issue.

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