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In Functional Medicine practitioners utilize a natural, patient-centered approach to identifying the root cause of illness and disease. This method works to uncover the cause of acute and chronic health issues at the source. Dr. Arnold uses a combination of laboratory testing, dietary changes, lifestyle management and supplementation protocols to help her patients reach a more optimal level of health.

Dr. Arnold earned her Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner certification from Functional Medicine University and broadened her practice to include working with nationally recognized laboratories in order to provide patients with comprehensive data to make informed decisions about lifestyle changes and treatments that support healing.  Dr. Arnold is also licensed in clinical nutrition and utilizes a multi-faced approach when working with all of her patients.

Door County Healing Center offers over 100 different laboratory tests. We only work with companies that are properly certified and licensed to ensure both safety and reliability. There is no need for an outside referral for lab testing. Dr. Arnold is able to order labs for all of her patients and our office has a trained phlebotomist on staff that draws on-site weekly. All lab results are received by Dr. Arnold and interpreted directly to the patient. From there, she helps customize both short term and  long term care plans to help ensure patients reach their goals and promote a life-long state of wellness.


The following are common conditions that Dr. Arnold has  in our office through Functional Medicine protocols:

Infertility                                          Blood Sugar Dysregulation                         Fibromyalgia                       IBS/IBD

Hormone issues                              Acid Reflux                                                     Anxiety                                 Leaky Gut

Chronic gastrointestinal issues    Food Sensitivities                                          Spectrum Disorders           Anemias

                   Thyroid disorders                           Chronic Migraine Headaches                     SIBO                                      Anxiety/Depression

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If you have been struggling for answers to a health issue, we encourage you to consider functional medicine with us. Please call our office today to schedule your appointment.

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