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Functional Medicine


In Functional Medicine,  practitioners use a combination of modalities to find the root causes of unwanted symptoms so that healing is possible far beyond the alleviation of symptoms.

In 2019, Dr Kathleen achieved certification from the Functional Medicine University, and broadened her practice to include working with nationally recognized top labs in order to provide patients with comprehensive data to make informed decisions about lifestyle changes and treatments that would support healing.   Both Dr Kathleen and Dr Nelson are licensed in clinical nutrition as well as being doctors of chiropractic. Each doctor works with patients to customize both short term and  long term care plans to help patients reach their goals and promote a state of wellness.

After a patient becomes established at Door County Healing Center, they work with a physician to determine their individual needs which may include lab testing, nutritional support, and chiropractic care.

In 2019, Door County Healing Center added two new professional staff members to support Functional Medicine services. Vicky Rankin, licensed Phlebotomist, to administer lab testing, and Mary Houser, a Registered Dietitian to support Physician guided  customized nutritional plans.

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