November 2019 News

Greetings and Happy Autumn! We are excited to announce that we are reigniting our newsletter. This monthly update will help keep you connected to what’s new and happening at Door County Healing Center.

If you’ve visited the office recently, you have probably noticed some big changes. Over the summer, we added a new member to our staff, Mary Houser. Mary joined our team in May as an addition to our front desk but has recently started to see patients for nutrition as well. Mary is a registered and certified dietitian with years of experience in the field of dietetics. She offers an array of specialties; from custom meal planning to weight management.  You can make an appointment to see her by calling the office; –let her help you get back on track with a healthy lifestyle!

As of late, we have seen an up-tick in the number of patients taking advantage of the specialized lab work available at Door County Healing Center. If you haven’t yet discussed how testing can be a crucial part of your health, ask your doctor or our staff about more information.

In the last couple of weeks, we also added a new dual-foot scanner in our waiting room. This technology can help identify whether or not you may be a candidate for custom orthotics. We have had a tremendous response with the scanner. Stop in for a FREE Foot Levelers scan to see whether or not orthotics can make a difference in how you feel!

Along with changes to staff and services, I would like to make a special note about changes with my colleague and good friend, Dr. Melissa Nelson. As many of you may know, Dr. Nelson has been on a steady pace for transition from full time chiropractic. She has been decreasing her time for patient care since the Spring and plans to continue phasing out of adjusting by the end of the year.

Over the past four years of working side by side with her, it is undeniable to see why patients adore her.  It brings me great joy to be able to celebrate her legacy here as she continues to move into the next chapter of healing. Please read her attached letter for more information and don’t forget to send her well wishes for an amazing transition.

We look forward to connecting with you on a monthly basis on all things health. Please don’t forget to follow us on Facebook as well!


Dr. Melissa Nelson Door County Healing Center

Dear Friends,

At the end of 2019 I will be stepping away from my practice for an undetermined time. I am not referring to this time of reflection as retirement, as I do not know how the next third of my life will be lived. I only know it is time to step away to detemine how I am to continue to serve and enjoy what I have dearly loved over these past 40 years. The wear and tear on my body, as well as a couple of difficult injuries over the past 2 years, has led me to bring my own self-care to the forefront.

I want to express my deep gratitiude for the time that you have entrusted me with your and your family’s health care. You have been my community, and many friendships have blossomed over the years, which I will always hold dearly in my heart.

Not knowing what the future will bring, I can only say that in early summer I will re-evaluate what service I may be able to fulfill in my practice. First, and foremost, I am a chiropractor, committed to facilitating the body’s innate expression of wholeness in healing and health. I feel blessed to have the knowledge to help the body’s ability to heal through many different modalities available.

I am honored to have entrusted Dr. Kathleen Arnold with my practice, selling her my business in 2017. She continues to learn and expand her care in many different specialties that have set our healing center apart from the rest. I trust her completely and know that she will continue to offer you and your families the best care for many years ahead.