May 2017 e-Newsletter: Welcoming Spring with May Day and Mothers Day!

Just a few weeks ago we celebrated Earth Day, followed by a full week of gathering, discussing, marching and educating ourselves on climate change, our soil and water, immigration and other concerns where actions taken locally have a global impact.

One of the Hot Springs of Mother Earth (Nga Puia o te Papa) in Waimangu Volcanic Valley

I recognize that many people are tired of struggling to be heard. The whole world is experiencing the weight of concern for our mutual safety and wellbeing. Many of those in power seem to be fixated on making war, taking away our precious water rights, eliminating our parks, poisoning our land and thus the food it produces …all in the name of greater profit.

People seem to be paralyzed and divided by fear of each other and by a deeper fear that we are failing to do anything about solving the world’s great problems. Where do we begin when the scale seems to be so enormous? Even when we experience a sense of accomplishment regarding one small issue, the wave of other crises all over the planet — be they psychological, environmental, political, economic, all of it — are always right in front of us, re-triggering the anxiety!

People even struggle with the concept of defining the problems much less finding solutions. We all know the order of importance now places global issues well ahead of personal worry over our day-to-day lives. Perhaps this is why the unfolding future we are witnessing is based in a larger community, a gathering of grassroots movements that include people of all ages, colors, and nationalities who are coming together as one voice to claim the power we collectively have been dreaming into the world, to create a new and different world order.

While there is broad collapse, breakdown and chaos taking place around the world, there is also new and emerging opportunity for change and growth. Each one of us must now begin to express our most authentic selves, applying the gifts that lay within each one of us. We cannot dream this new world into being while our minds are clouded by fear, frustration, guilt and despair. It is time to think and dream bigger. It’s time to invest our energy into building the lives we want on a daily basis. Building a strong community lies at the core of this action.

Many people are struggling to survive amidst fear and desperation. They have no idea how to connect with other people, and typically doubt that such a thing is even possible. But, it is possible. We all share the same needs and we all have the human rights to healthy food, affordable shelter, clean water and air on a healthy and sustainable planet. When we stand together, we become much stronger than the 1% who seek to keep us divided against each other!

Stretch your mind. Get involved. Love bigger and serve one another and in turn you will be serving our beautiful planet and Mother, the Earth! Begin to take care of each other and bless your children and grandchildren with the legacy of a living bio-organism, this healthy and vital planet.

Those who give birth, the Mothers and Grandmothers know what I am talking about! To all of us: I wish all of us a beautiful realization of Mothers Day. May we each dream and stand together, bringing into this world our love and hope in manifesting the unlimited possibilities that await us.

Bright blessings,
Dr. Melissa