May 2015 e-Newsletter

Happy May Day and Mothers Day!

The Latin word for Mother is mater, matter, “the stuff of which all is composed of.” Nature, nurture and mother are sacred; we are life givers. Creation happens within and springs forth from us. We mothers are the root of the family. Through our love, care, prayers and food preparation, we maintain harmony and balance within the family.
Mother Earth is our mother, the one who gives us life and sustains us.
Did you know¬†that May Day stems from the pre-Christian holiday of Beltane, a celebration of rebirth and fertility… life emerging from a long Winter’s sleep.
One of these days, we will feel the warmth of summer in our bones and upon our smiling faces. Farmers’ Markets will be open again providing us with wonderful, fresh, locally grown and sourced foods. It is a great opportunity to meet the local farmers and develop ongoing relationships with them.
Get to know who is growing your food. Ask them if they are grown chemical-free, or if they still use fungicides, pesticides and herbicides. Let’s support our natural farmers and buy local. Let them know what you want and where you are putting your money. The more we express our desires, the better our chances to manifest change by letting them know we want organic and chemical free food.
To all the Mothers, I wish you a very blessed Mothers Day!
Dr. Melissa