March 2016 e-Newsletter

In Indigenous “ways,” the first thunder welcomes the New Year. It is the call that “awakens” the little shoots and seeds within Mother Earth, feeling that sonic vibration and beginning their journey once again to the light above. So it is within ourselves!

Congratulations! We too are waiting to spring. Some faiths celebrate this bursting forth with Palm Sunday – this year, a beautiful ritual to welcome Spring falling on March 20. 

Can you remember when you first noticed the light beginning to change in mid-January. Each day it grows longer following the Winter Solstice. Can you feel that new energy “springing forth” within your own body? Can you feel the desire to release and cleanse yourself from the old, from the past?

In China, the lunar New Year’s festivities last for two full weeks and come to a close with the celebration of the Lantern Festival, this year falling on February 22. The Lantern Festival marks the coming of spring, with the hundreds of lanterns sent up into the sky representing longer daylight hours as well as the light from the full moon. In Ancient China, it served as the equivalent of Valentine’s Day. Nowadays, lighting and sending the lanterns aloft typically symbolizes letting go of their owners’ past selves as well as symbolising good luck, with Lantern Festivals taking place all over the world.

Spring is a great time to detoxify both body and mind. We eat heavier and denser foods throughout winter and become prone to stagnation and congestion. It is very important when detoxifying to support the phase 1 and phase 2 detoxification pathways. This enables the conversion of fat molecules to water molecules, so they can safely be excreted by the organs. At Nelson Healing Center, we prepare a carefully designed 10 or 28-day program for your detoxification needs. It is safe and effective and throughout the months of  March and April we are offering a 15% discount on the program.     

I ask you what will be different this year compared to your last? For so many of us, we are so busy making plans and forcing outcomes that we get too distracted to notice that LIFE is speaking to us – sending us signs in every moment to help us move from where we are to where we want to be. Our intentions and letting go to a higher universal force helps us move closer to achieving our dreams. We learn to move forward not by sheer effort, but by inspiration and joy. Getting connected in a growing and evolving community helps us create a natural flow in our lives. We are here to support your intentions and help make this year a meaningful momentum in your life.

Bright Blessings,
Dr. Melissa