June 2017 e-Newsletter: Making Your Own State of Wellness

It was another wonderful Mother’s Day weekend celebration studying energy and plant spirit medicine with Grandmother’s Rita Blumenstein and Marie Meade from Anchorage, Alaska.

Mother's Day weekend 2017
Many thanks for sharing your stories, teachings, blessings and encouragement to express the gifts that lay within each one of us. This circle continues to grow!
I have spent what seems like a lifetime working very hard to manifest wellness and invoke positive change in people’s lives who come to me seeking relief from problems. It has been challenging and rewarding, especially when I see individuals take on full responsibility for their own health and well being. If I were to think I did any of this healing, I would only be serving my own ego. My career has been created by you, my patients and friends who have made your own state of wellness.
I want to thank all of you for making me successful in that regard and so grateful. I am now beginning a transition, taking a bit more time for me. I encourage you to do the same, taking time to savor the summer months and moments ahead spent with your family and friends. Nature is the greatest healer and we all are so fortunate to live here in Door County, safely cradled in the arms of the Earth Mother.
Bright blessings,
Dr. Melissa