January 2020 News – Happy New Year!


After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I always feel ready for a reset. What about you? If you answered YES, we are ready to help partner with you to reach your goals. Read about what’s going on this month in our office to help you live your best year in 2020.

In the month of January, we will be hosting TWO stellar events! The first event will be held on Saturday, January 25 from 1-3pm and is a workshop designed to help expecting parents outline a birth plan. With my training and experience as a labor and birth doula and prenatal chiropractor (and as a mother of four) I saw first-hand how vitally important a birth plan was. I want to offer this as a free resource to anyone in our community because I believe preparation is one of the key components to an optimal birth experience. We will have birth workers on hand to answer all your questions, from pregnancy to birth — and beyond!

Our second event will be held on Thursday, January 30th from 6-7:30 pm. Mary, our dietitian and myself will be presenting “Gluten and it’s Role in Inflammation and Disease”. This event will focus on why gluten can contribute to gut issues, brain disorders, and a host of other diseases. I will be scouring the literature (like usual) to bring you the latest and greatest research on why gluten is a trigger for health issues. If you’ve ever wanted a reason to cut out gluten, attend our event and you can be sure you will leave with more reasons than you can count!

We are preparing our patients for “SUGAR-FREE FEBRUARY” this month. Per tradition, many of us try to incorporate healthy habits at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately, many of us fail to continue with those changes and revert back to unhealthy habits. By cutting out foods that contain added sugar, it teaches us to find healthier options to food choices. Sugar happens to be one of the biggest culprits of inflammation, so cutting back on it can create amazing health changes. We are challenging YOU to sign up for our free February challenge in an effort to rediscover your love of healthy foods and to feel the difference it can have in your life! See Julia or Mary at our front desk to sign up.

January is not an uncommon month for us to see acute injuries from snow-related accidents. Things like excessive shoveling, a misstep on the ice or a fall can cause pain and discomfort. If you find yourself having pain after shoveling or a fall, don’t wait! A combination of the adjustment along with cold laser therapy is a fantastic duo to helping you get back on your feet!

This month I will be consulting with patients for guidance with issues like hormone imbalances, unresolved IBS/IBD, chronic fatigue, infertility and food sensitivities. If you feel like you have gone everywhere and done everything with no results, let’s meet and discover how Functional Medicine can be a game changer for your health. This approach utilizes a combination of laboratory testing and evidence-based protocols to get to the root of your health concern. Be a part of the growing number of patients that are responding to natural and safe health care methods with Functional Medicine!

Last but not least – HAPPY NEW YEAR! I pray that 2019 has left you with many wonderful memories and that 2020 is the foundation for an extraordinary chapter in your book!


Dr. Kathleen Arnold