January 2016 e-Newsletter

Here we are beginning a New Year with an opportunity to let go and release any of the previous year’s patterns that we no longer wish to recycle into our new year.   

What we know for certain right now, is that 2016 has not yet been written and that we have an opportunity to write it anew, with every action of our body, heart and mind. Let’s open doors to some new experiences, open our hearts with greater kindness and compassion for ourselves as well as others and let’s tell some new stories.

We also know that most New Year’s resolutions don’t last very long. Resolutions imply an imposition of will over joy; of forcing instead of allowing; of demanding over flowing. These resolutions typically become self-imposed obligations. This year, try something new, something that supports your evolution. When we set an intention, it becomes a joyful activity, engaged from the heart rather than the head. It helps us cultivate a deeper relation with our true-self, letting life flow through us rather than living from should-ofs, would-ofs and obligations.

What seeds of INTENTION will you plant for your new life in this year? As I get older, I like to focus on one intention for my year. This year it is Self Expression (from the heart; with deeper listening and more authentic expression). Last year it was Support and in 2015, I attracted a team that fully supported me in a way I had never permitted myself receive before.  

Setting Intentions…

  1. Be guided by your heart’s calling. What do you value? What lights you up when you feel and think about this intention? What brings you joy and makes you happy?
  2. Let go of EXPECTATION. When you have a clear intention and your willing to walk toward it – even on the days that bring stress and tension – you can still trust that you’re moving forward toward your vision.  When you don’t have any specific expectations about what your journey will look like, you can really enjoy the ride!
  3. Trust your Soul and Spirit to guide you. Through this practice our minds are being trained to focus from a new perspective; heart centered and one of gratitude and giving thanks for the blessings in our lives.
In this New Year may we trust Life’s own timing, letting things take their natural course and surrendering into loving how it naturally all unfolds
Bright Blessings,
Dr. Melissa