February 2016 e-Newsletter

Happy Valentine’s Day and Heart Health month! …as we celebrate the Heart and Love, may we challenge ourselves to live bigger, love more fully, look at life with gratitude every day, laugh, hug and give of ourselves even more.

So, how are we doing with those New Year’s intentions

When a part of what we are familiar with is giving way – a habit, a belief, a way of life, a relationship – the world might begin to feel unfamiliar and uncomfortable. Fears and anxieties may start to crawl out of the woodwork. It might even feel like we are near dying! Rest easy. These are the states that accompany the shedding of an old skin and the emergence of a new one.

Our ego identifies with the loss and believes its time is up. What we are experiencing however, is simply a humbling and the stripping back of the defenses that were in themselves, the very obstacles to our growth. Then, we become open and receptive for new cycles of growth and new beginnings to enter into our lives. Life begins to interact with us again. Synchronous events seem to show up out of nowhere. Deeper understandings begin to reveal themselves “through” us, rather than “to” us.

Remember, it takes at least 21 days to bring forth new choices, manifest new habits and acquire new ways of thinking. You are actually building new neural pathways, as Dr. Joe Dispenza explains…

What are you seeking to learn, experience, create, release, heal or transform in your life? When we choose a path rather than reacting to whatever we don’t want, we experience true freedom.

May the blessings of this year fill us with compassion, kindness and curiosity as we navigate the changes in 2016. May our love be so far reaching, life changing and generous that we become changed by its effects; contributing to our families, communities and our world.

Bright Blessings,
Dr. Melissa