February 2015 e-Newsletter

Wishing you all Happy Groundhog and Valentine’s Days!


I want to share a little gift with you for Valentine’s Day; a delicious chocolate mousse flourless cake in our new┬árecipe section. I hope you bake it, enjoy it, share it and celebrate love!
Many thanks to Audrey Chowdhury for presenting Soul Collage. It was a beautiful mid-winter, introspective and very creative process. We gathered in community and received rich blessings from each other and from our inner souls. We were all so deeply inspired, planning on doing it again, soon!
If you feeling frazzled, disconnected, harried, out-of-touch, don’t know what you want or why you’re here? I invite you to join our next Soul Collage session, on Saturday, February 28 from 10 am – 3 pm.
How are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions and intentions? Remember, it takes at least 21 days to build new neural pathways to bring forth new choices, manifest new habits and new ways of thinking. What are you seeking to learn, experience, create, release, heal or transform in your life?

When a part of what we are familiar with is giving way – a habit, a belief, a way of life, a relationship – it may even feel like we are dying. Fears can start to crawl out of the woodwork; anxieties, the world can feel unfamiliar and uncomfortable. These are the states that accompany the shedding of an old skin and the emergence of a new one. The ego identifies with the loss and believes its time is up. What it is experiencing, however, is simply a humbling and the stripping back of defenses that were themselves, the very obstacles to our growth. Then, we become open and receptive for new cycles of growth and new beginnings to enter our lives.

May Life’s blessings fill us with compassion and kindness, unify religions, connect our communities and expand our love so far reaching, soul touching, life changing and generous that we are all changed forever by its effects of LOVE.

Happy Valentine’s Day,
Dr. Melissa