April 2016 e-Newsletter

“Stuff” draws on our energy. Letting go can be an exhilarating experience of self renewal and clearing space.

Feng Shui
Happy Spring to ALL. March was a phenomenal month! I was able to experience spring in 3 different locations – Maui, California and then back here at home. This was the first vacation in many years that was not a hybrid “working vacation.” It was pure bliss and yet as always, it is wonderful to be back home in our beautiful community. 
Spring is a very exciting and powerful time in Nature. We can actually feel the force of the season calling us to “awaken” from a long winter and align with the new creative energy within ourselves as we witness the daily transformation outside of us. Green shoots are pushing their way out of the soil, flowers are popping out, birds are returning, the ships are leaving Bay Ship for their work on the Great Lakes and our friends are returning from their vacations or winter getaways. 
This is a time of excitement, of change, birth, planting new seeds and cleansing. I just completed a very powerful Feng shui exercise (the ancient Chinese art and science of balancing energies within any given space) which consisted of releasing 27 items per day, over a 9-day period:  books, clothes, old vitamins, kitchen tools, things I had not used in over a year. It became the focus of my day – making a choice on what to align my energy with in this New Year and what I was ready to release and recycle. 
Anjie Cho, author, architect and a sought-after expert in the fields of feng shui and green living suggests another useful exercise that attracts abundance, perform one good deed a day for 27 days.
We have some wonderful good deeds coming up hear at the Nelson Healing Center. I hope you will take advantage of these opportunities for health and wellness:
  • Soul Collage on April 9, Saturday 10 am – 3 pm
  • Body Rolling Class begins April 7 , Thursday’s from 1 – 2 pm, drop ins are welcome
  • Energy Healing Retreat with Grandmother Rita Blumenstein and Marie Meade, May 7 – 8 with a Blessing of the Children Ceremony on Sunday at 11:30 am.
Bright Blessings,
Dr. Melissa