Door County Health and Wellness

Nutrition Supplements and Health Products

Door County Healing Center is proud to offer the area’s most broad range of physician-grade nutrition supplements. We also carry products that are a great addition to any healthy lifestyle. We strive to stock the highest quality supplements and vital health goods for individuals of all ages.

Dr. Arnold offers a complimentary review of vitamins during the initial consultation.  We also have a registered nurse on staff to help patients answer questions about our supplements and health products.

You may benefit from a change in your nutrition regimen. Please inquire with one of our providers or staff to learn how proper supplements can help make a difference in your wellness.

A list of some of the companies we are proud to partner with:

– Metagenics                                                                     – Nordic Naturals

    – NutriDyn                                                                         – Innate Response

       – Apex                                                                             – Designs for Health

– Thorne                                                                              – Bezweken

– Standard Process                                                              – Klaire Labs


Patient Direct Program

Our patient direct program allows you to have supplements shipped directly to your front door.

Please call our office or send us an email for instructions on how to set up your account today!

The following is a list of the companies we partner with who have a patient direct program:

– Standard Process            – Nutridyn                     – Wellevate


A list of some of the health products we are proud to carry:

– Chiropractic pillows

– Back braces/supports

– Ankle/wrist supports

– Orthotics

– Locally made organic beauty products by AB GOODS