The Climate Ribbon Signing Underway at NHC

The Climate Ribbon is an arts ritual to grieve what we each stand to lose to Climate Chaos …and affirm our solidarity as we unite to fight against it!

Sign the Climate Ribbon at Nelson Healing Center

“We are tied together in the single garment of destiny, caught in an inescapable network of mutuality. And whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly.”
—Dr. Martin Luther King

People from around the world are writing onto ribbons what they most love in their life—”Next year’s harvest” or “Miami, my city”—that they don’t want to lose to Climate Chaos.  In the Climate Ribbon arts ritual, participants are invited to find a stranger’s ribbon, read it aloud, have the group answer “We are with you,” or “We’ve got your back!” Then, they tie the ribbon onto their wrists and take it home with them, committing themselves to work to beat back Climate Chaos so that our worst fears never come true. Together, our commitments weave a giant thread connecting all of us us as we work for a healthy, sustainable planet.

“We are dedicating space on the porch at NHC for all people to come sign and add their own Climate Ribbon to the collection,” says Dr. Nelson. “One that we will hold as we plan a ceremony with them and then, we will send them off to Paris.”

When world leaders meet at the UN Climate Summit in Paris this December, we’ll be part of the massive people-powered uprising to call for real action on climate change.

As a prominent art installation in the form of a tree whose leaves are ribbons from around the world, the Climate Ribbon will be:

  • Part of the massive march in Paris on November 29, the day before the UN Climate Summit begins
  • Installed outside Le Bourget with at Générations climat, right beside the UN negotiators, from November 30- December 2.
  • Deployed throughout the Citizen Summit for Climate and the Global Village of Alternatives on December 5-6 in Montreuil.
  • As an art installation at the movement convergence space, Climate Action Zone (ZAC), at the 104 Art Center, from December 7-11.
  • In the streets, as part of a prefigurative rally and adorning the December 12 direct actions as we draw the climate “red lines” that negotiators must not cross.

The Climate Ribbon Tree and its stories will be a powerful statement of global public opinion, reminding negotiators of all that we stand to lose if we do not secure a strong treaty. This art ritual could become the powerful unifying symbol of all the world’s climate heartbreaks and hopes that this unprecedented historical moment deserves.

We are gathering ribbons from people all over Door County to add to those from around the world and sent to Paris. And we invite you and your friends to make ribbons and add your ribbons to the collection at Nelson Healing Center. Even if you can’t come yourself, you can send your voice, and hopes and stories. If you cannot come in person, you can still add a ribbon to the Climate Tree, you can submit one online HERE or follow the instructions below.

Will you join us to help realize this vision of collective reflection, ritual, and redemptive action?