Nelson Healing Center Recently Acquired by Dr. Kathleen Arnold

After 37 years dedicated to the betterment of her community and her patients, Dr. Melissa Nelson is passing the lead role at her clinic to Dr. Kathleen Arnold.

Dr. Melissa Nelson and Dr. Kathleen Arnold at Door County Healing Center

Nelson Healing Center will now be known as the Door County Healing Center. Dr. Nelson will remain onboard seeing patients but she looks forward to having greater freedom to follow her lifelong passion for her ministry, travel and global healing. This quest has taken her around the planet working within a community of healers known as the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers.

Dr. Kathleen Arnold is enthused about having the opportunity to acquire an ongoing practice, having graduated from Palmer College in 2011 among the less than 10% of her graduating class to concurrently earn a Doctor of Chiropractic and Bachelor of Science degree. Her passion for chiropractic began when she had the opportunity to work for a chiropractor as an undergraduate student. After struggling with frequent and debilitating migraines for years, her issues dramatically improved after only a few chiropractic adjustments. After spending the summer watching patients get well under care, she was deeply inspired to make chiropractic her lifelong career. Since her graduation, she has dedicated a great portion of her time to serving children, women, and families.

Together, they will celebrate the Healing Center’s transition on Thursday, September 21 at a special event held at the clinic from 6:30 to 8 pm, with delicious food and drink including some of Dr. Nelson’s raw food goodies. Live entertainment will also include opportunities for both women to share their thoughts and dreams about the past and their future.

“I will continue practicing as an independent member of the staff and I will be able to follow my dream which is to take a month off to winter in Santa Fe, New Mexico,” says Dr. Melissa. “We will continue to work together.”

Dr. Kathleen resides in Sturgeon Bay with her husband, Levi, who is also a chiropractor and their three children; Trigg, Lotte, and Macklin. She feels humbled to be continuing to cultivate a legacy of healing through the acquisition of the Door County Healing Center.

“It is both an honor and privilege to serve the community with my colleague, Dr. Melissa Nelson,” she explains. “It is our combined hope that the Center will continue to represent the highest standard of care that is optimal to both the profession and to health care for many years to come.”

You can find out more about the ongoing transformation at the clinic’s website,