Nelson Healing Center Open House Celebrates 35 Years in Practice, Dec 10

Dr. Melissa Nelson, Dr. Danielle Partain and the staff at Nelson Healing Center are gearing up for a big public celebration with some great food, laser demonstrations, raffles and rewards on Wednesday, December 10 from 5 – 7.


“I just want to express my deepest sense of gratitude to this community for their following and support over the past thirty-five years,” says Dr. Melissa Nelson. “And I want everyone to have an opportunity to meet and learn more about our new practitioner, Dr. Danielle Partain.”

There will be raffles, prizes and gifts that may include vitamins, essential oils, back supports, spinal treatments, pillows and the new laser treatments. Learn more at a Q&A session with both doctors. You are also encouraged to stop by and enjoy some of the delicious and healthy refreshments that will be served by the chefs from Raw Vitality, Get “Real” Cafe and Gourmet a GoGo.

Dr. Nelson is also very excited and inspired with the installation of a new Erchonia low-level laser that she will demonstrate.


“I am witnessing so many miraculous cures take place right before my eyes,” she explains. “The cold laser stimulates cellular regeneration healing wounds and chronic conditions like bed sores, reducing inflammation and letting your body heal from the inside out. It’s simply incredible!”

Dr. Partain will briefly discuss her specialty in spinal reconstruction and postural rehabilitation that utilizes the Gonstead technique and Chiropractic Biophysics to correct postural distortions and weaknesses.


“Chiropractic is extraordinary. I’ve seen life changing results for people suffering from back pain caused by herniated and bulging discs, not only in taking away pain but restoring their hope in achieving a normal state of health and well-being,” says Dr. Partain.

Learn more about the clinic online by stopping in at 44 S. 2nd Avenue in Sturgeon Bay, especially on December 10 for the 35 Year Open House celebration.