Detox Bootcampers! Refocus, Share Food and Recipes, Jan 19

Come celebrate the New Year by refocusing on a healthy lifestyle.

Join the Detox Bootcampers at our next gathering on Thursday, January 19 beginning at 6 PM. It’s a time for participants to check in on how each of us are maintaining some new healthy habits as we discover the benefits of a plant based diet. This way of eating is the foundation of functional medicine as the greatest method of preventing cancer and debilitating diseases. It is the phytonutrients found in vegetable-based foods that are the very powerful antioxidants that keep the body in an alkaline state. Our food is our first medicine!

In celebration, each of us should plan to bring a dish to pass around, sharing some of our favorite recipes and be sure to bring the recipe along so we can make copies for everyone. Come share your wins, struggles and new revelations. Please RSVP to let us know how many will be coming to our first “food share” event. Celebrate and refocus by supporting each other!

Come, even if you don’t have any recipes or time to prepare a dish. Explore these tasty foods with us. We will have enough!