Climate Ribbon Project

“We are tied together in the single garment of destiny, caught in an inescapable network of mutuality. And whatever affects one, directly affects all indirectly.” —Dr. Martin Luther King

Climate Change and the COP21 Global Climate Summit in Paris might feel like an event going on at a distance but, here at NHC, we are working to bring the awareness home. In November, many of our patients as well as local children at the Sturgeon Bay Boys & Girls Club participated in The Climate Ribbon Projectan arts ritual to grieve what we each stand to lose to Climate Chaos and to affirm our solidarity as we unite to fight for our Mother Earth. The ribbons we all signed at NHC are now hanging alongside thousands of others from around the world at the Paris Climate Summit talks.

People wrote their thoughts onto ribbons, what they most love in their life, committing themselves to work to beat back Climate Chaos so that our worst fears never come true. Together, our commitments weave a giant thread connecting all of us us as we work for a healthy, sustainable planet.

It is time we all step up to bring our conversations together surrounding environmental sustainability, not only encouraging it on a personal level to avoid wasteful living, but also to engage the guiding institutions of our nations and the world to take the urgent steps necessary to save our shared homelands. Ethical and conscious choices are how we can each help with the global crisis we all face with Climate Change.