Chief Phillip Whiteman Jr. Brings Traditional Stories of the Horse to Idlewild Farm, May 20

Traditional stories of the horse for elders, children and for those that believe in stories of faith, hope and love will be focus of an all-day event with Chief Phillip Whiteman Jr. on Saturday May 20 from 10 am to 4 pm.

Phillip Whiteman, Jr.
Phillip Whiteman, Jr.

Phillip Whiteman Jr. is a great storyteller and a Champion Grass Dancer, known for dancing the “old style” of Northern Cheyenne, He has traveled throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe presenting talks and workshops on Native American spirituality, especially in regard to working with horses using the Medicine Wheel Model.

He recently served as Northern Cheyenne Culture and Language Consultant for Steven Speilberg during the filming of “Into the West.” Phillip’s workshop presentations include traditional story-telling and songs that share a powerful and inspirational message of hope. His first CD, “Spirit Seeker – Stories and Songs for the Spirit,” has received national critical acclaim.

You are invited to join him at Idlewild Farm on Saturday for an inspiring day of learning.

Lunch is included in the $75 fee
Reserve your spot by calling Wendy Woldt at 920.493.1705 or Nelson Healing Center at 920.818.0045Idlewild Farm is located at 2339 Idlewild Road, Sturgeon Bay.