Explore the Art of Wellness in a Soul Collage

Align with your guides, helpers and allies in a SoulCollage® Workshop
Saturday, January 31 from 10 am to 3 pm


Presented by Audrey Chowdhury, Art Therapist, SoulCollage® Facilitator/Trainer

SoulCollage®, originated by Seena Frost, is an intuitive art form that invites your soul to speak through visual imagery. By choosing images that you are drawn to and combining them into small collages, you create a deck of cards that can be used for healing, guidance and insight. The process is deeply satisfying, yet playful. Anyone can do it – no artistic skills or experience necessary.

“It is a tangible way to know yourself in your diversity and depth and also to show yourself to others. Showing your deck of SoulCollage® cards to another person can be a profound experience. In like-spirited groups, you can share cards and work with them in many sacred ways. You can consult them intuitively and discover wisdom within yourself which will amaze you. Besides all this, creating them is just plain fun! You will love your deck – a multi-card Mirror of your Self and your Soul – whether it consists of three cards or a hundred.” says Seena B. Frost, founder of SoulCollage®.

This is a multi-leveled, creative process which anyone can do. All you need is a good pair of scissors, pre-cut mat board cards and images you can cut out of magazines, greeting cards, personal photos, postcards, catalogs, and calendars. You can do this work individually, but it is also wonderful to have other people with whom to share the process.

Cost: $60 in advance, $70 at the door.

Register by emailing Audrey at:acsunprairie@aol.com or by calling Nelson Healing Center at: 920.818.0045.