Native American Horse Whisperer Presents “The Circle of Love,” 1-Day Medicine Wheel Workshop, March 10

Phillip Whiteman, Jr., a nationally-known Indian cultural consultant, storyteller and horseman returns to Door County to present a 1-day workshop, “The Circle of Love” on Saturday, March 10.

He will show participants how to apply Native American spiritual philosophy and the spiritual practice of the Medicine Wheel Model to everyday life. Starting at 9 am on Saturday at the Nelson Healing Center, Philip will share the oral history and philosophy pertaining to the foundational teachings of the Medicine Wheel Model. He will speak about the prophesies of the Indigenous people and how to work with horses and people from a loving and respectful perspective as well as how to recover from adversity, loss, tragedy and hardships in regard to love.

Phillip is a Champion Grass Dancer know for dancing the “old style” of Northern Cheyenne Grass Dancing and has traveled throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe performing and sharing his knowledge and talents with people of all ages and from all walks of life. He recently served as Northern Cheyenne Culture and Language Consultant for Steven Speilberg during the filming of “Into the West.” Phillip’s workshop presentations include traditional story-telling and songs that share a powerful and inspirational message of hope. His first CD, “Spirit Seeker – Stories and Songs for the Spirit,” has received national critical acclaim.

On Saturday, March 10, Phillip Whiteman, Jr. will teach aspects of the Medicine Wheel Model in a full-day workshop at the Nelson Healing Center from 9 am – 4:30 pm. The fee is $50 for the day and lunch is included. Find out more about Phillip Whiteman Jr.’s Native Horsemanship at his Website. Call 920.818.0045 to register.

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