4-Week Body Rolling Classes

Body Rolling is done with balls of various sizes that you can use to stretch muscles.


By using your entire body weight, coupled with small movements, you can free restrictions in the body and increase blood flow. From everyday tension, postural problems, pinched nerves, shoulder, knee and ankle injuries, sciatica, migraines and arthritis, Body Rolling will help you deal with many of the problems you might encounter. Body Rolling is also beneficial to prevent injury.

Each class will explore the whole body: the back and spine; the abdomen, chest, neck and shoulders; and the extremities, knees, shoulders, feet, bringing your individual workout all together. You will leave this class with confidence and tools for your own self care.

“We want to share the benefits of Body Rolling with you, no matter how old you are or the shape of your body,” says Dr. Melissa Nelson. “Body Rolling is a method where you can fix you.”

She teaches the class along with NHC staff member Georgia Hilbert who adds, “Learn how you can help your body on a daily basis and from within your own home.”

Classes typically run for 4 week sessions.

Call: 920.818.0045 for more information or to register, as space is limited.
Cost is $32.
Books and balls are available to purchase.