You Reap What You Sow

Before I start resurrecting the masses verbally with the amazing truth about the female body, I thought I would share a quick background about the motivation for this blog and what you can expect to read when you welcome yourself to this page. I want to start with my parents because they have a lot to do with this blog coming into fruition.

My parents worked a lot while I grew up. My dad has always worked in a factory and my mom wasn’t college-educated until her late 40’s. By example, they showed me that if you want something, anything, you’re going to have to work twice as hard as you want or think you need to. I’ve seen my dad work two jobs and take great pride in his by-products.  I’ve witnessed my mom go from waitress to dental assistant and still be humbled by her efforts. Above all else, I feel that the most important lesson I’ve learned is: you have the chance to make a life – THE Life – you’ve always wanted BUT the only person that can do the work necessary to achieve it is YOU.

As a woman you have the opportunity to possess the life you want but you mustn’t allow everyone else to live it for you, take credit for it, put limitations on how you feel or perform or persuade you into what is in your “best interest”. It is you that puts the work in; you are responsible for what you sow. As females we need to start owning up to the fact that we are responsible for our health, wellness and everything else that comes along with that territory. We should have a deep conviction that our bodies are well-equiped to function properly than what we are being shamelessly convinced a synthetic pill or toxic vial can do better.

This blog is my work and it is intended to be an avenue for women to gain confidence in themselves. I am sincerely honored that you are taking time to read it but my views will almost always be posted bluntly and unapologetically. Because so many of us are constantly inundated with pathetic perceptions of the female potential, we have become numb to even committing ourselves to thinking outside of the medical paradigm. Furthermore, I’m totally fed up with hearing nightmare birth stories, the latest and greatest prophylactic surgery craze and lame excuses for why breastfeeding “just didn’t work”. I will be sharing with you my experience and knowledge on why I believe women should be birthing natrually, how breastfeeding can be an amazing and effortless gift and how the female body is way more intelligent than the current allopathic community is giving her credit for.

The female body is the epitome of The Extraordinary Machine. I hope you can commit yourself to traveling with me on this journey to discover every possible way to make her run with the utmost superiority and grace and to reap the benefits to sow for yourself a beautiful and fufilling life.