Standing with Standing Rock

I ask you to support the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, by standing with over 300 tribal nations and water protectors in peaceful protest to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline for the protection of Water for All people.


Three hundred tribes of Native Americans and allies from across the country are currently taking a stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline near Standing Rock in North Dakota. These Water Protectors remain steadfast and committed to stop the oil pipeline which threatens to poison the water supply of the tribe and the two million inhabitants downstream. This has been a prayerful, peaceful protest standing for the rights of all people and the protection of the earth and our water.

We need your help now to prevent action on an order for the evacuation of the protesters from their camps by North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple. We must ask President Obama to stop the violence against Standing Rock and prevent the evacuation of the camps.

We call on you to take a stand and to take action today – use the link below to sign the petition and to send an email directly to the White House.

Take A Stand Today For Standing Rock!
This Is Not A Partisan Issue. This Is A Human Rights Issue.

Click here to sign the petition.