Raw Food Chef, Dr. Melissa Nelson says, “You Are What You Eat.”

Leah Walsh and Dr. Melissa Nelson on their first day of classes at the Living Light International Culinary Institute.

Last month, Dr. Melissa Nelson took an extended leave in order to follow her dream at the Living Light International Culinary Institute, the world’s premier raw vegan culinary school and birthplace of gourmet raw vegan cuisine.

Living Light Culinary Institute offers an outstanding curriculum of gourmet raw vegan cuisine including nutritional science courses and certifications designed for students at every level of experience from complete novice to professional chef.

“Our team’s first creation is an apple torte with vanilla bean ice cream,” says Dr. Nelson. “…All raw, using cashew and coconut meat for the creamy dairy replacement.”

“We have students from Italy, Germany, Zimbabwe, Tokyo and all over USA. Yesterday, we created salads and sandwiches. Amazing!”


Dr. Nelson pictured with Cherie Soria, founder of the renowned Living Light International Culinary Institute.

Melissa’s photo gallery (below) provides a collection of the culinary delights that she is learning to create.

“Muffins and bagels with a masterful recipe, tasting and smelling like yeast, a completely grain-, sugar- and dairy-free recipe, using nut meats and flax meal, kneading it just like dough. It is amazing!”

Not to mention the Pretty in Pink dessert… enjoy!