Isn’t it Time?

It was not difficult for me to decide the title for this blog because I wanted the headline to be equivocal with how I felt about the female body and a direct reflection of the topics you can expect to read when you visit here. For most of us, we comfortably live with the idea that the human body is complex but too often this is where our perception hinders reality. It is undeniable that we are indeed complex beings but we frequently deny obvious, embedded truths that are inborn and inherent to us as females. Simplistic truths like our ability to birth naturally, breastfeed our young seamlessly and recover from sickness and disease without intervention. Our “health care” culture is promoting a dangerous lie to women, both young and old. It’s the unfounded and worthless notion that we are destined for sickness and disease. And, furthermore, regardless of how much faith we have in ourselves and our bodies, somewhere along the line we are fed the lie that we will need and require intervention after intervention, including anything and everything from Prozac to epidurals. How far removed we must have traveled to not stand up and own the fact that we are designed with superior intelligence and that our bodies can run efficiently and with versatility if given a chance. Isn’t it time we realize true health is a sacred right you can have, live and experience now and not a guessing game of when will it be my time to get sick? The purpose of this blog is to help encourage women to understand and trust in their own bodies. In addition, I want to motivate you to regain what you may or may not know you have lost – the power to be The Extraordinary Machine you were designed to be.