Gratitude Practice

It was three years ago, I decided to begin and end my days with gratitude.


After my morning meditation and prayer, I would think of 3 things I was grateful for, entering them in my gratitude journal. I would then ask myself, “What would make today great?”, entering 3 intentions for my day. Falling asleep each night, I would focus on 3 amazing things that happened that day, sending myself off to sleep with a heart full of gratitude.

This single habit has brought me more happiness and peace in my life. It keeps me focused on the good, the positive, the beautiful, while life keeps showing me more and more to be grateful for! I have more spaciousness, joy and reason to celebrate life. 

  • Gratitude instantly lifts our spirit and puts a smile on our face.
  • Gratitude shines a light inside us that releases anger and sadness.
  • Gratitude brings us back to the present and makes space for connection.
  • Gratitude betters our world, one thought at a time.
  • The more one practices gratitude, it becomes a way of life.