Food and Environmental Allergies

Although food is a delightful necessity for human existence, it can often have an adverse effect on the comfort or health of many unfortunate individuals, both babies, children and adults.

Bloating and indigestion in the stomachAcute or chronic illness may develop at any age level and in almost any area of the body because of an unknown allergic reaction to food, additives or to contamination in our homes, in the water or in the air we breathe.When you get indigestion, bloating or other digestive troubles upon eating, some specific food is likely causing inflammation, usually due to an allergic reaction. Different foods react differently in different people. What is beneficial for some may be poison for others. You’ve probably heard the expression, “one man’s meat is another man’s poison.”
Fortunately, there are simple, easy, inexpensive ways to recognize and treat these allergy problems. Applied Kinesiology Muscle Testing will check over 75 different food antigens to determine if you have food sensitivities or true intolerance. One treatment with the Erchonia Cold Laser will clear 95% of the allergic responses which cause inflammation in the body. We retest after the clearing and occasionally find a few foods that the body has a true intolerance for and must be avoided. Only after clearing the allergies to foods can the body properly digest and assimilate them, eliminating an immune reaction.
Just about any food may be suspect. Foods that might typically cause a major problem include: wheat, egg, milk, cocoa, corn, sugar, food coloring, preservatives, cinnamon, pork, beef, chicken, peanut, apple, grape, orange and yeast. It may also be an insecticide, a preservative or other chemicals which are in or on the food that cause the symptoms. With allergy desensitization we also encourage you to eat more organic and chemical-free foods.
This procedure is also done in order to target environmental allergies: molds, dust, animal dander, pollens, trees, as well as reactions to body products like skin care items, drugs, mouthwash and toothpaste. There is a 24-hour wait period between the digestive and environmental testing.
Many people who are suffering from undiagnosed food allergies, may be taking vitamins or other supplements that they may unknowingly be allergic to. Nutritional assessment should be done periodically and if needed, appropriate supplements will be recommended to support your healing process. If you are experiencing any of the previously described symptoms, please call for an allergy desensitization appointment today!