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Melissa-AvensonDr. Melissa Nelson, Director of The Nelson Healing Center for more than thirty-five years, is a chiropractic physician and also an ordained minister. She graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis Missouri in 1979. She graduated from nutritional studies at the Living Light Culinary Institute in 2014.

In 1979, Dr. Nelson opened the former Nelson Chiropractic Center. After 25 years, she sold her practice and took a 2-year sabbatical to focus on restoring her own health. Suffering from a rare condition called spastic dysphonia, she felt it was the only way to concentrate on her own self-healing. She took that leap, leaving the Door community and her practice and moved west to Montana, where she hoped to buy a ranch.

The move opened up a whole new world in which Dr. Nelson developed and cultivated a deeper spiritual relationship with the Native American people of Montana including the Northern Cheyenne tribe. From there, she was drawn to a working relationship with the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers. That thread grew into a profound branch of her spiritual growth and personal transformation. She became an ordained minister associated with the Center For Sacred Studies in California, training in cross-cultural ceremonial ways. In 2003, she returned to Sturgeon Bay, drawn home by strong family ties to rekindle her healing practice, by seeing patients at her home a few days each week.

Over the next 10 years Dr. Nelson worked in the gardens at Junction Center, assisting the development of a local CSA. She traveled all over the world in service to the 13 Grandmothers as their primary health care provider. In 2014, she followed another dream, entering into a deeper study of raw foods and nutrition at the Living Light Culinary Institute, eventually becoming certified as a gourmet raw food chef.

Nelson Healing Center on 2nd Avenue, in Sturgeon Bay has been open since 2010. Always one to keep evolving, Dr. Nelson pursues the latest research and healing modalities. Recently she has added Erchonia Cold Laser therapy and Ionization therapy to enhance detoxification, continuing to grow and expand the services, care and healing provided. 

Dr. Melissa Nelson has been a pioneer in Door County in Natural Medicine and Holistic Health Care. She continues to educate, encourage and inspire her community, witnessing countless miracles in people’s lives through a Holistic approach to healthcare. She works to enhance her patients’ mental and emotional balance, their structural balance and their internal chemistry through diet, nutrition and detoxification. Over the past 35 years, she has experienced generations of families continuing to benefit from natural medicine and wellness care.

What lies in the future for Dr. Nelson?

“I feel so blessed after this long career to find a form of treatment with Erchonia Cold Laser therapy that blesses me with the same passion and excitement that I had upon opening my first clinic back in 1979! That enthusiasm gives me the energy to carry on in this work well into my aging years, never having to retire! I love witnessing miracles, as an adjunct to my chiropractic work. I am having fun and am filled with great joy at seeing people’s lives change right before my eyes as they truly heal.”